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"that's a bud"

are the things that make it hard to adjust:

-roaches in my house

-venomous snakes that live outside my front door

-venomous spiders aroound

-tropical temperatures/heat/thunderstorms with no car

-realizing i have to readjust my style to be the sexy professional i want to be

-critically analyzing why i am here and how to make it worth it

-being unsure if I can date and accomplish all of my goals

and the things that make it easy:

-KIND KIND KIND strangers

-bus drivers who open the doors when you show up a few seconds late

-parking attendants who tell you where the cheapest lot is

-food workers who fuck the establishment and don’t charge me for cups for my morning tea

-God’s grace in allowing me to come across such friendly souls

-family and old friends here who don’t allow me to feel alone

-my caring family that i grew up with supporting me from far away


-meeting people who want to hear about the things i care deeply about

-atlanta’s party and bar scene ;)

looks like the pros outweigh the cons